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WindyCity Bassmasters

Lake Sara April 18 & 19 2009
East Fork May 16 &17 2009
Lake Winneconne, Wi June 27 & 28 2009
Praire DuChain Pool 10, Wi July 25 & 26 2009
Lake Beulah, Wi Aug.15 & 16 2009
Madison Chain, Wi Sep. 12 & 13 2009
Mill Creek (Club Classic) Oct. 3 & 4 2009
Club Photos
Club Standings 2008
2009 IBFN State Team
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News of our death has been greatly exagerated! Like the great city our "nickname" is derived from... "We will rise from the ashes!"

The Windy City Bassmasters Site is going through a remodeling. We are learning this web-page stuff as we go. Things are starting to fall into place.  Look for more improvements and links as we grow and expand!

Our Officers
Bob Wilson, President
Larry Hegstad, Vice-President
Ted Lowery, Treasurer/Secretary
Phil Urasky, Tournament Director
Kevin Rebouche, Executive Board Member
Jake Lowery, Executive Board Member
Steve Schall, Executive Board Member

Becoming a Member

Windy City Bassmasters is one of the state's eldest clubs. We cherish comaraderie and fishing. We gladly welcome potential new members. We are proudly affiliated with the Illinois Bass Federation Nation. An arm of BASS. For those of you looking to join our club click on the link and e-mail me. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Larry Hegstad Vice-President

Organization News

Welcome, Our next meeting is on Sunday March 1, at 9:00 AM feel free to stop by at the Lemont Park District builing on 127'th just east of I-355. This is our last meeting before hitting the water in April.


Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


Go to the Illinois Bass Federation Nation

Go to Bass Anglers Sportsmans Society