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WindyCity Bassmasters

2008 Photos

Clinton Lake April 14 & 15, 2012
Rend Lake May19 and 20, 2012 With the PVA!
Wolf River Winneconne June 25 and 26 2011
Mississippi River Pool 13 July16 and 17 2011
Lake Taylorville August13 and 14 2011
Madison Chain Sept. 17 and 18 2011
Lake Sara Club Classic October 8 and 9 2011
2008 Photos
2012 Club Standings
2009 Photos
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Some of the fun we've had!!

Setting up for the Weigh In, Cal Sag Canal

Larry Hegstad with a 2.24# Taylorville Bass

Phil, Bob and Leon at the weigh in, Cal Sag

Phil Urasky with 5 keeper Lake Calumet Largemouths, Jake Lowery with the hold assist.

All In The Family, Jake, Ted & Ted Lowery Jr. our Father, Son , Son members

Ron Bordwine with some more Lake Cal Bass

Phil, Ted Jr. and Bob Wilson at weigh in on The Cal Sag

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